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The Journey Continues

One of the greatest things we can do for God is submit. " The battle is in the mind. There is victory within your YES! In 2022 Danyelle Speaks will have the opportunity to participate in a Musicianary tour which will span across the US and is schedule for late June through late Mid August.

A note from Danyelle:

In a lot of the areas I will be traveling the youth and some families are just barely financially holding on and are spiritually depleted. It is my desire is to be able to give away merchandise to those who do not have the finances but could use the encouragement. Please pray about partnering or sponsoring whether it be for travel expenses, t-shirts, bibles, dog tag give-a-ways etc.  I hope that as we enter into this new year, now more than ever, the gospel is preached. In the midst of turmoil be need Jesus. Where he leads me I will follow.

Where he leads me I will follow

If you would like to give in a more direct way then I encourage you to use one of the following ways below. Let's continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Thank you in advance,

God bless

Danyelle Speaks is a 501c ministry so if you would like to give and need a receipt for your taxes then please



Cash App: $DanyelleSpeaks



Venmo: @DanyelleSpeaks



Paypal: @Denotedpoetry

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