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                                                          ARTIST: DANYELLE’

If we imagine the gamut of human experience comprising of a moving wave, we can see that despite its wild, extraordinary peaks, comes troughs of struggle and hardship.  This ability to ride the highs and cope with the lows may be what we see as resilience – to be thrown into the ring, to take the blows, and come out the victor. Danyelle’, sometimes known as Denoted Poetry, drives this sentiment home with her knockout, 18-track monster album ‘Unstoppable’.
‘Unstoppable’ takes us on a gripping journey through what it means to fight, obey, and deliver.  From its opening title track, a gritty theme of wrestling through life’s trials is conveyed through an intriguing blend of hip-hop beats, fluid rhymes, along with Danyelle’s own unique take on gospel/soul.  Collaborations with Sonya Lachelle, a neo-soul up-and-comer, and Christian Rapper‘Eso’, bring versatility to the release, giving it an R&B flavour which captivates the senses with its smooth, dancing melodies.
We then move to the middle of the album which evokes a sense of prosperity, with collaborations with Spiritual Peace, K.n.a-l.e.d.g.e, Ballistic, Brandon G-Rane, and Yaqua.  Here we traverse from the old to the new school, with the ghetto-blasting synths of ‘Miracles’ to the lyricism and flow modern day rap found in ‘The Anthem’.  This further illustrates Danyelle’s artistic development and her capacity to produce different styles, particularly in an industry cluttered by monotony. 
The latter end of the album is where ‘Unstoppable’ delivers its glorious winning punch, striking us with a heartfelt song of our need for intimacy and connection with ‘Somebody to Love’, then finishing with awe-inspiring collaboration ‘Let Go’, ‘I Wanna Fly’, and ‘In Your Presence’ – a testament to the talent Danyelle’ has at her disposal as owner of label, ‘Denoted Poetry Ministries’.
All in all, Danyelle’ depicts a tumultuous emotional journey with attitude and grit enough to drum inspiration in even the most depleted soul.  With Danyelle’’s music being described as consisting of “quick rhymes, rhythm, and funky lyrics”, One Jam Nation’s Jennifer Alden implores, “this little lady had all of us up and movin’ in the studio.  Her music is real and heartfelt by many”.  Being one of a host of supportive testimonials, Danyelle’ is one to meet high expectations, so take a ringside seat and enjoy the spectacle as she claims the title as an industry favorite. 

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